Aug 17, 2022  
2020-2021 Theological School (Admitted Fall 2020/Spring 2021) 
2020-2021 Theological School (Admitted Fall 2020/Spring 2021) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

2020-2021 Theological School (Admitted Fall 2020/Spring 2021)

Welcome to the online catalog for the Theological School. The academic catalog describes academic programs, general regulations, policies, requirements, and descriptions of the courses offered by the institution.

A student should reference the academic catalog of their admit term. A student’s academic requirements are based on the catalog of the first term they attend the institution, not the latest version of the catalog. However, Academic Policies are updated as needed and it is the student’s responsibility to keep current with these policies. Catalogs from prrevious academic years are available to view from the drop down menu above.

Please note that in the case of discrepancies between the online and print catalogs, the online version always takes precedence.

The catalog is maintained by Drew’s Office of the Registrar. Problems or questions about the catalog should be directed to the Registrar:

Phone: 973-408-3025