Jun 02, 2020  
2018-2019 Caspersen School of Graduate Studies 
2018-2019 Caspersen School of Graduate Studies [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ARGS 833 - East Asia: Tradition and Today

3 credits

The course analyzes religion as cultural traditions that have influentially defined the East Asian region across the centuries and up to the present, largely through a consideration of literature, arts and practices of China and Japan. Thematic topics include social definitions of community, traditional depictions of status according to class and gender, and the creation of paths of ethical behavior that promote social cohesion. We will explore these themes through historical interactions among traditions as well as challenges to and the use of tradition in the present day. The course includes required field trips to Japanese traditional institutions devoted to the practice of Zen and the Way of Tea (Chado) in New York City.

(same as Rel 270)

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