Jun 02, 2020  
2018-2019 Caspersen School of Graduate Studies 
2018-2019 Caspersen School of Graduate Studies [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ARCR 812 - The Evolving Media and Conflict Management: Social and conventional media skills for conflict resolution

3 credits

The news media is a powerful tool around the world. Proper use of conventional and newer social media can be a path to resolving conflict or, in some cases, creating and encouraging conflict. The historical transition from newspapers, to television news, to the internet culminating with present day citizen journalists using social media, has created tremendous opportunity to inform and educate. Yet, the same technology also poses unique challenges. A survey of these issues will be undertaken focused on conveying best practices to prevent and resolve conflict working in partnership with the media. 
The present course intends to provide students with a skills based interdisciplinary introduction to media types, messaging strategy, social media, journalistic ethics and the legal framework the press operates under in the USA. Each topical area will be grounded in skills students can apply as a leader or advisor to a public figures facing a crisis or attempting to convey a message. A final exercise will give students the opportunity to perform realistic analysis of a challenging messaging issue, determine options and delivery of solutions via conventional and other forms of media.

(This course will be taught as a hybrid course, with online and face-to-face meetings.) 


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