Nov 21, 2018  
2015-2016 College of Liberal Arts Catalog 
2015-2016 College of Liberal Arts Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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About the Program

Psychology is the study of the personal experience and behavior of individuals from the perspectives of the social and natural sciences. The curriculum in psychology is designed to involve majors in all of the subfields of the discipline. Common to most courses is a concern for the methods psychologists use to answer specific questions. Beyond the core courses, majors have the opportunity to take more advanced seminars in areas of their choosing, to observe the applications of psychology by doing internships, and to participate in a variety of specialized research and laboratory experiences.


  • Chair: Graham A. Cousens, Associate Professor
  • Professors: Jill Cermele, Janet Davis, Patrick Dolan, Jessica Lakin (Associate Dean)
  • Associate Professors: George-Harold Jennings
  • Assistant Professors: Hilary Kalagher, Christopher Medvecky, Scott Morgan
  • Professor Emerita: Ann Saltzman, C. Robin Timmons

Advanced Placement (AP) Examinations

A score of 4 or 5 on the psychology examination exempts a student from PSYC 101 .




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