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2020-2021 College of Liberal Arts 
2020-2021 College of Liberal Arts


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Majors and minors listed on this page are interdisciplinary in nature, crossing multiple programs and departments. 


American Studies

Explores our nation through culture, politics, society and economics.


Religion majors analyze the presence and influence of religion in the world in past and present. As the Study of Religion is an interdisciplinary field, students examine religion in diverse contexts and using a range of methods. The program enables students to:

  • explain concepts, practices and patterns of religion through the interpretation of a variety of sources, including texts, visual arts, media, law, architecture, and performance
  • discuss the diversity of religions and religious experiences as informed by historical context, cultural and national identity, gender, class, race/ethnicity, sexuality, age, and ability.
  • analyze religion as an influential expression of human experience using methods appropriate to the contexts and questions being explored 
  • interpret ethical standards and practices and values-motivated behavior of individuals and groups, historically and in the present

Throughout the interdisciplinary core, a chosen concentration, an immersive learning experience, and a capstone project, students engage a diversity of methods including historical analysis, cultural studies, social theories of community and identity formation, artistic analysis and expression, and ethical reasoning and practice. 

  • Arts and Sciences: Darrell Cole, Karen Pechilis, Allan Dawson, Jonathan Golden, Rita Keane, Peggy Kuntz, Seung-Kee Lee, John Lenz, Sangay Mishra


The University Religion Curriculum Committee made up of faculty from Arts and Sciences and the Theological School provides leadership and planning for religion-focused curricula at Drew

World Literature

A cultural exploration through works of the creative imagination.

  • John R. Lenz
  • Carol Ueland



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