Aug 17, 2022  
2021-2022 Caspersen School of Graduate Studies 
2021-2022 Caspersen School of Graduate Studies


About the Program

Drew University’s Master of Science in Finance program is a one-year immersion in the quantitative and analytical methods and tools used throughout the finance industry.  Students master mathematical, critical thinking, communication, and presentation skills in both individual and group settings. Graduates are prepared for careers in a variety of organizations, including global corporations, government agencies, and nonprofits.


Steve Firestone,

Immersive Experience:

The financial internship allows students to apply their classroom skills within a time-sensitive business environment.  Drew’s proximity to New York provides numerous opportunities for internships in the Wall Street sector and beyond.  

Integrative Learning:

The Capstone experience brings together the skills and perspectives gained through the program, as students work in small groups on analyzing and presenting a multifaceted financial case requiring both quantitative and qualitative assessments of the firm and market environments.