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    Drew University
  Jul 20, 2017
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2016-2017 College of Liberal Arts [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Comparative Religion Major

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Requirements for the Major (42 credits)

I. Introduction to World Religion (4 credits)

III. Ethical Reasoning and Practice (4 credits)

IV. Intermediate and Upper Level Concentration (8 credits)

8 credits in one specific religious tradition or in ethics. A concentration requires three courses in one religious tradition or in ethics.

VI. Intermediate and Upper-Level Electives (12 credits)

4 credits in a field outside the concentration, and 8 more credits. One of these courses must satisfy the Writing in the Major requirements, including REL 210   taken on a corequisite bases with an intermediate-level course.

VII. Capstone (2 credits)

A research project, either REL 400 - Capstone Independent Study in Comparative Religion   or REL 410 - Specialized Honors I .


Two cognate courses from related disciplines may be counted towards the major, in consultation with the major advisor.

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