May 25, 2022  
2018-2019 Caspersen School of Graduate Studies 
2018-2019 Caspersen School of Graduate Studies [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Doctor of Letters (D.Litt.)

Students in the Doctor of Letters complete 45 credit hours from Arts and Letters listings, as well as approved courses from other Caspersen programs.

II. A Concentration

In order to ensure congruence and connectedness within the course of study, D.Litt students must declare a concentration prior to registering for their 6th course.

A. Historical Studies (12 credits)

Selected from ARHI and by convenor approval

B. Literary Studies (12 credits)

Selected from AREL and by convenor approval

C. Global Studies (12 credits)

Selected from ARGS and by convenor approval

D. Studies in Religion (12 credits

Selected from ARSP, and from REL or Theological School offerings by convenor approval

E. Fine Arts and Media Studies (12 credits)

Selected from ARFAand by convenor approval

F. Irish/Irish American Studies (12 credits)

Selected from ARIS and by convenor approval

G. Conflict Resolution (12 credits)

Selected from ARCR and by convenor approval

H. Writing (12 credits)

Selected from ARWR (in addition to ARWR 905 ) and by convenor approval Required concentration for a creative writing dissertation

I. Teaching in the Two-Year College (12 credits)

a.    ARTT 701 - Introduction to the Two-Year College  

b.    ARTT 702 - Two Year College Internship  

c.    Two Arts & Letters courses in one’s teaching specialization.

III. Electives (18 credit hours)

The remainder of a D.Litt. student’s coursework should be selected from a minimum of two other areas of concentration, and in consultation with the program convenor, to achieve breadth and depth in interdisciplinary training. 

IV. Dissertation (9 credit hours)