Aug 10, 2022  
2019-2020 College of Liberal Arts (Admitted Fall 2019/Spring 2020) 
2019-2020 College of Liberal Arts (Admitted Fall 2019/Spring 2020) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Environmental Studies and Sustainability Major

Requirements for the Major (48 credits)

II. Electives (28 credits)

28 credits of Electives (listed below) and including at least 16 upper-level credits (300 or 400 level).

III. Experiential (0 credits)

Majors must acquire hands-on experience related to environmental concerns. This requirement may be met through relevant Academic Internships, Drew International Seminars, other study abroad programs with environmental or sustainability components, civic engagement and volunteer experiences, and appropriate independent research at Drew or elsewhere (excluding literature research projects). Must be completed before the start of the final semester; must be approved in advance by the ESS Program Director.