Aug 06, 2020  
2019-2020 College of Liberal Arts 
2019-2020 College of Liberal Arts


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Four courses offered during undergraduate studies are (approval needed to register):


Fall of Junior Year


  • MAT 805/EDUC 301: Introduction to Teaching for All Learners (4 credits)



Spring of Junior Year


  • MAT 801/EDUC 302: The Developing Learner (4 credits)

Fall of Senior Year


  • MAT 810/ EDUC 303: Differentiation of Instruction for Special Populations (4 credits)

Spring of Senior Year


  • MAT 808/ EDUC 304: Design for Instruction and Assessment (4 credits)


Students may also elect to complete the track during senior year. Prospective candidates who complete one to three of these courses during undergraduate studies but do not officially enter the BA/MAT track may receive credit for these courses should they apply for admission to the MAT at a later date.

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