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2012-2014 Caspersen School of Graduate Studies Catalog 
2012-2014 Caspersen School of Graduate Studies Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Arts & Letters, M.Litt / D.Litt.

About the Program

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The Arts and Letters program’s interdisciplinary structure recognizes that in the contemporary world, a thorough grounding in the humanities offers the necessary intellectual and personal development for individuals to stay informed.

We stress a broad liberal arts education at the graduate level and takes as a guiding principle Henry Adams’ belief that a valid education prepares a citizen to meet any emergency with economy and force.

This program acknowledges the timely issues-and timeless speculations- emerging throughout the world.

Master of Letters

Students enrolled in the Master of Letters (M.Litt.) degree program have two options:

  • completion of nine courses (27 credit hours) and a master’s thesis of 50-75 pages.
  • in lieu of writing the thesis, students may elect to take two additional courses for a total of eleven (33 credit hours).

In either case, students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) or better in order to graduate.

Doctor of Letters

Students enrolled in the Doctor of Letters (D.Litt.) degree program must complete nine courses (27 credit hours) plus a required writing seminar, the Joy of Scholarly Writing, for a total of 30 credit hours with a cumulative average of 3.1 (on a 4.0 scale) or better. All D.Litt. students must prepare and successfully defend a nine-credit (for a total degree requirement of 39 hours) doctoral dissertation of 150-220 pages.

Concentration in Writing

M.Litt. and D.Litt. students may choose from a wide variety of writing-focused courses as part of their studies in the Arts and Letters program. In keeping with the interdisciplinary nature of the program, students can explore writing through several different genres: essay, poetry, short story, prose, academic writing, and more.

Irish/Irish-American Studies Concentration

M.Litt. and D.Litt. students may enroll in the Irish/Irish-American Studies concentration beginning with the Fall 2004 semester. Study in this interdisciplinary concentration focuses on the literature, history, politics, and culture of Ireland and Irish America. Courses offered include such topics as Contemporary Ireland: 1922-Present, Irish and Irish-American Literature for Children and Young Adults, The Great Hunger: The Great Irish Famine, Constructions of Irish-American Identity, Celtic Archeology, Northern Ireland, Commemoration and Memory in Irish History, Irish History Through Film; Researching Irish History: Archives and Archival Research; Modernism and Irish Literary Revival, James Joyce, Irish History to the Normans, Normans to the Irish Civil War (1922), and The Irish in America. Five courses are required for the concentration.

About Admissions

The Arts and Letters program offers graduate-level interdisciplinary studies that explore the foundation and development of civilization in relationship to contemporary societies. Degrees offered: Master of Letters (M.Litt.) & Doctor of Letters (D.Litt.).

Requirements for Application

A complete application for either the M.Litt. or the D.Litt. requires:

  • An essay response as outlined in the application packet;
  • A personal statement;
  • The completed application form;
  • A non-refundable application fee of $35.00, check payable to “Drew University;”
  • Official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions.
  • Two letters of reccomendation.

The Graduate Record examination (GRE) is not required. However, international applicants whose first language is not English are required to submit TOEFL and TWE scores that are not more than two years old.

Please note that an M.Litt. or other recognized master’s degree in the humanities is a prerequisite for applying to the Drew D.Litt. program.

Application Timeline

Please keep in mind this timeline for application:

  • Completed applications are accepted for all three terms (fall, spring and summer).
  • Notification of acceptance is usually sent 2-3 weeks after the complete application is received.
  • All applications must be received at least two weeks prior to the start of the semester for which the student is applying. Contact the Graduate Admissions Office for term start dates.

Non-degree seeking students

Those who hold a bachelor’s degree and would like to take a course before matriculating into the Arts & Letters or Medical Humanities programs may apply for admission as a non-matriculated, or “Graduate Special” student. This is an excellent opportunity for prospective students to familiarize themselves with graduate study at Drew before committing to a degree program.

Graduate Special students may enroll in up to two courses for a total of up to 6 credits, pay fees and tuition, earn course credit, and have their work recorded on their transcript. Admission as a Graduate Special student does not guarantee an offer of admission to a degree program, however credits completed as a Graduate Special student may be used to fulfill requirements for a degree program if he/she applies and is accepted as a matriculated student in the future. Graduate Special students are not eligible for financial aid or scholarships.

The Graduate Special application is available for downloading below. A complete Graduate Special application requires:

  • Official transcripts showing completion of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited four year college or university
  • Brief explanation of your motivation for applying for Graduate Special student status
  • $25.00 processing fee

Download the Arts & Letters Application

The Adobe Acrobat version of the file is as close to the real application as you can get without requesting a print copy. Once you download the application, and open it using Adobe Acrobat Reader, you will be able to print the application.

In order to view this file, you will need Adobe’s Acrobat Reader installed on your computer or its corresponding plug-in installed in your browser. Many computers and browsers come with this software already installed. Acrobat Reader is a free program, and if you don’t have it, you can get it from Adobe’s Website. Get the Adobe Acrobat Reader

Cost of Attendance

For a more information on tuition and fees, please review the Business Office’s site.

Financial Aid

There are three forms of financial aid for Arts and Letters students:

  • Full-time teachers of accredited institutions (secondary and higher education) qualify for half-tuition scholarship. Qualified applicants should submit an affidavit of employment with their applications. This affidavit must be resubmitted each year. No student may receive more than one-half tuition scholarship. Note that this scholarship does not apply to the optional summer term.
  • Senior citizens age 62 or older are entitled to a half-tuition reduction. Qualified applicants should make an appointment with the Office of Financial Aid where they need to present legal proof of age and complete a Senior Citizen Certification form. Note that this discount does not apply to the optional summer term.
  • Students may apply for federal financial aid by completing a Free Applications for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Forms are available in the Graduate Admissions Office or online at

Learn more about financial aid in the graduate school.